What Is A Root Canal?

When decay or damage to a tooth goes beyond the outer part (known as the enamel), to cause infection or inflammation of the inner part (comprised of nerve tissue and blood vessels known as the pulp), a patient may require a procedure known as a root canal.  Our root canal dentists simply open the pulp chamber, remove the infected area and taking the nerve out of the root canals. Once this is completed an inert material is used to fill the root canals and the chamber.

Once the root canal is performed, a dental crown is placed around the remaining tooth structure in order to seal and protect the surface of the tooth.  After the procedure is complete, you will no longer experience any pain or sensitivity and can go back to enjoying every meal and every smile like nothing ever happened.  Also since patient comfort is a top priority for us, we do offer sedation dentistry services.

Why Would I Need A Root Canal?

  • A serious, severe toothache
  • A tooth that looks discolored or darker than it should be
  • Pain when you bite down or chew food
    • Tooth sensitivity to cold and heat

You can rest assured that when you choose root canal therapy with TruCare Dental, you will be treated to gentle care and advanced technology.  If you or someone you love is experiencing tooth pain, we invite you to learn more about endodontics root canal treatment at our Albuquerque dental office.  Call us today at TruCare Dental and schedule your appointment today!