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At TruCare Dental, we recognize that dental emergencies are time sensitive. Dental emergencies are rare, but when they do happen, getting immediate attention is critical. For this reason, emergencies are given the highest priority.  Choosing us as your dental home provides you extra benefits in the form of a great emergency dentistry practice as well.

No matter your emergency, we are here to provide you with comfortable and prompt service.

Same Day Appointments for Dental Emergencies

Call our office (505) 369-0074 and if it is after hours, one of our staff members will return your call promptly.

Emergency Dental Services At Our Albuquerque Dental Office

  • Toothache or Tooth Pain
  • ​Bitten Tongue or Lip
  • ​Abscessed Tooth
  • Lost Dental Work
  • Recement Crown/Bridge
  • Emergency Extractions

Convenient & Flexible Emergency Dental Care

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