Dental Implants

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Teeth Implants in Albuquerque, NM

When it comes to replacing one or more teeth in your mouth, dental implants are often the treatment of choice and is also one of the most conservative treatments for tooth replacement.  Dental implants are built to last which makes them your best long-term, cost-effective solution to restore lost teeth.  Dental implants also provide a fixed solution for removable dental partials or complete dentures.  Our experienced implant dentists will make sure the implant tooth is strong and stable so it looks, fits and feels like a natural tooth.

The Tooth Implant Process

Phase 1

Implant Evaluation & Preparation

The tooth implant evaluation & preparation phase includes everything from tooth extraction to bone grafting (if needed). A cone beam/CT Scan is taken and the implant dentist will evaluate the bone structure at the dental implant site. If you don’t need grafting then we can go straight to Phase 2; if bone grafting is necessary, Phase 1 will take 3 to 6 months. If you have been missing a tooth for a long time then bone grafting is generally necessary.

Phase 2

Implant Placement

In Phase 2, once you have enough bone to successfully hold a dental implant, you will schedule the first procedure, which involves placing the implant or implants in your jaw.  the artificial root is placed in the bone and allowed to heal. The procedure itself takes 1 to 2 hours and the healing time is 3 to 6 months. During this time the implant will heal around and merge with the surrounding bone tissue.

Phase 3

Placement of the Implant Crown

In Phase 3 an artificial tooth or crown is placed on the dental implant previously set into your jaw.  An impression is made of your mouth and your new tooth or teeth are created so that they are the correct size, shape and color for your mouth. This phase generally takes 2 visits about two weeks apart.

Dental Implants allow you to enjoy life and not worry about your teeth!

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