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Albuquerque Delta Dental Emergency Dentist

At TruCare Dental we focus on helping Delta Dental members that have dental emergencies.  Our dentists are all in-network with Delta Dental and can handle any dental emergency that arises.  Our Albuquerque Delta Dental emergency dentists will ensure that you get the proper dental care you need to get you out of pain and we are able to utilize your Delta Dental insurance.  By allowing our office to take care of your dental needs we will handle all claims to Delta Dental on your behalf which will in turn save you and your family money and stress.

You may already have a Delta Dental dentist that you visit regularly but does that dentist handle emergency visits. At TruCare Dental we accept all emergency Delta Dental patients and provide same day treatment in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.  By visiting us there will be no extra emergency fees b/c we are 100% in-network dentists with Delta Dental.

Some Of Our Delta Dental Emergency Service

So if you are having any of the following symptoms:

  • Toothache
  • Infection
  • Cracked tooth
  • Oral Pain
  • Wisdom teeth Pain
  • Broken Crown

Please call our office or walk right in to get the help you need.  If you are not in pain you can always come in as well to get your routine care.  Since your smile and dental health are important not just for your looks but also for your overall health don’t hesitate to call our office with your questions.  Many studies have.  Our Delta Dental dentists can provide immediate pain relief and will deliver the highest quality dental care available.

Please remember that going to an out-of-network Delta Dental dentist can be expensive with emergency dental care being at the top of the list.  Call our Albuquerque Delta Dental emergency dentist toady to schedule an appointment at (505) 369-0074.